The W.H.E. is a non-profit organization held by hog producer share holders and directors.

The W.H.E. operates all its services on a self-funded basis with no assistance from any other sources. Our object is to provide the best service that we can using a break-even strategy. The W.H.E. prides itself in providing on behalf of our producer partners superior pricing strategies using the latest up to the minute North American pricing data. By using our producer database we also negotiate the most beneficial grading grids that we can to benefit producers. The W.H.E. utilizes our many years of experience to provide more financial returns to producers.

Another valuable service that W.H.E provides our shareholders with is a voluntary non-profit in-transit program. We know that transporting live animals safely can be difficult and this program provides reimbursement for problems that your hogs may encounter from the time they leave your farm until they arrive at the plant destination. We provide this service at the lowest price per hog possible.


Since December 6, 1996 Alberta has operated in an "Open Market" for all sales of hogs. The Western Hog Exchange (W.H.E.) was formed as a result of this change which is a departure from the way hogs were marketed in Alberta for the previous 30 years under the old single desk selling system.


The marketing of hogs for slaughter for those producers who choose to use the services of the W.H.E to enhance their marketing opportunities and to assist those producers to obtain the most benefit from all of our services.


There are currently seven elected hog producer directors who oversee the W.H.E. and provide policy to the staff of the W.H.E. All policies and short term and long term objectives by which the W.H.E. operates are established by the directors of the W.H.E. These policies are carried out by the General Manager of the W.H.E. who is responsible for hiring and the assignment of W.H.E. staff necessary to conduct day to day operations.

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