Short Weeks

Because of the reduced number of kill days over short weeks, it is essential that producers be accurate on the number of animals being offered and delivered under contract. Unless otherwise stated in contract or in writing by receiving booking staff, producers are obligated to ensure that contract delivery requirements are met.

Producers are encouraged to contact their regular booking staff to discuss INCREASING their hog shipments the weeks prior to and after a short week. This will help REDUCE hog volumes on a short week to accommodate for reduced slaughter capacity.

Christmas & New Year

During this period of reduced processing it is extremely important that producers DO NOT load hogs off the farm until the sale and delivery of the animals has been confirmed by the receiving booking staff.

Holiday Calendar

DateDescriptionWhe Edmonton Office
Thursday 26 December, 2024Boxing DayClosed
Wednesday 25 December, 2024Christmas DayClosed
Monday 11 November, 2024Remembrance DayClosed
Monday 14 October, 2024Thanksgiving DayClosed
Monday 30 September, 2024Truth & ReconciliationClosed
Monday 02 September, 2024Labour DayClosed
Monday 05 August, 2024Heritage DayClosed
Monday 01 July, 2024Canada DayClosed
Monday 20 May, 2024Victoria DayClosed
Friday 29 March, 2024Good FridayClosed
Monday 19 February, 2024Family DayClosed
Monday 01 January, 2024New Years DayClosed